Curly Kids The Handbook

Curly Kids The Handbook

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How to Care for Your Child's Glorious Hair.

On its surface, Curly Kids is a creative, practical handbook about curly hair: how to care for it, how to style it, how to solve problems like frizz and knots. But it’s also a book about empowering your kids and helping their self-esteem, because how we feel about our hair is more than follicle-deep––and that’s especially true for curly kids who are known to go through bouts of self-consciousness and straight-hair envy.

So by helping you and your kids learn new techniques like the Curly Girl Method of “co-washing” (using conditioner to cleanse the hair) and following an easy set of curly dos and don’ts (never “blow-fry” curly hair), Curly Kids delivers a powerful promise: Teach your children how to love those fabulous curls––and with Massey’s help, those curls will be fabulous––and they’ll have the confidence to love all of themselves.

- The nature and science behind curly hair
- Names for every curl shape
- What to tell the hair stylist
- Recipes for gentle rinses, washes, gels, and detanglers
- How to sleep with curls
- Special curly hairstyles for sports
- Plus true tales of Curly Kid inspiration